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Litter B

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IC Gabrieella of Queen z Ostie, CZ

BRI w 62 - white orange-eyed
FIV, FeLV, PKD, HCM - sono

* 24.05.2010 CH. Martinelli's Amore Mio

BRI a (blue)

Photo: Name: Gender: Weight at birth: Colour
EMS code:
Buffalo 99g BRI w 63 Sold
Brooklyn 113g BRI a Sold
Baltimore 115g BRI w 62 Sold
Brasilia 91g BRI w 62 Sold
Beverley 114g BRI w 62 Sold

Available - Kitten is available for a sale
Reserved - Not-committal reserved
Booked - Interested person paid deposit for kitten
Sold - Kitten is sold
Opce - We are waiting how the kitten will grow up
On Hold - Kitten stays at home